Branding Vs Graphic Design

Branding Vs Graphic Design

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Branding vs Design

Branding and Design are fundamentally two different aspects of profession and mindset. If you surf online, there are a lot of floating terms used interchangeably such as brand designer, brand strategist or graphic designer without an understanding of upright concepts. Work of a brand strategist and graphic designer is immensely different. Branding is about creating the body and soul whereas graphics is all about creating a skeleton.

Whether it is creating posters, package design or custom patterns, graphic designers design them, but brand strategist supersedes them. There are many projects which are excellent in visual aspect but lack the clarity of wiser decision making. Understanding this difference is essential for building a visual identity that is elegant and strategically structured.

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Let’s have a look at how these professions create a difference within the organization.

Designers are the guardians of visual aspects of a brand, taking care of elements ranging from colours, shapes, typography and logo. They make it compelling and attractive across all the features and environments. When they work, they ensure all the aspects of design are taken care of. Whenever a designer is working on a creative and making collaterals, brand strategy takes precedence. Branding is all about creating deliberate and harmonious marketing moves. Aesthetics have no meaning without a definite plan, and sound strategy has no meaning if it cannot be expressed. Any agency needs to balance these forces. Branding is all about handling the entire customer experience at all levels, senses and dimensions. Branding element isn’t just a mark if we get into details; every aspect is an interconnected system that involves a more in-depth active conversation with your audience.


The graphic design feeds on your brand, and your brand feeds on your business. Your brand elements need to complement one another brand strategist work on creating a foundation for the brand. Visualize mission, vision, core values, purpose and the “why” behind your business. Brand strategist helps you identify your ideal client and design appropriate messaging which will reach out to that client. Brand strategist collectively works on creating a bigger picture, basically developing a vision behind the brand, making everything fit together. Graphic Designing and Branding thus co-exist in the realm of marketing with the aim of providing the fulfilling market experience.

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