Employer Branding

Employer Branding

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What is Employer Branding?

Employer brand is the reputation of your company or organization in the marketplace. It is essentially the perception that you enjoy in the eyes of your current employees and potential employees. It is what your employees and job-seekers talk about you when you’re not around. In comparison to other assets of the organizations like infrastructure, buildings, equipment, inventory, and so on, employer branding is an intangible asset that needs to be cultivated right from the time of the inception of your organization.

To be praised and seen in highest regard, it is necessary to brand your organization in an appealing and a likeable way. To start off this topic let’s take a look at the benefits of Employer Branding.

Benefits of Employer Branding

  • Attract the right talent

When you present your company as a refined brand and an excellent place to work, you raise your bar to attract exceptional talent who with their expertise adds great value to your organization.

  • Lower cost per hire

When the employees feel supported by the company’s environment, they usually spread a good word in their circle. Candidates that come to you through referrals are one of the cheapest means of sourcing.

  • Reduces time to hire

A great reputation in the market and a good word among job-seekers often motivate recruitment teams to build up the talent pools, screen and qualify candidates before you need them. When a position becomes available, you can readily choose from the best available candidates with minimum disturbance in the timely work routine.

  • Engaged and Motivated Employees

One of the greatest benefit of the right employer branding is employee engagement. The right branding and environment enables the current employees to remain engaged, motivated, and dedicated.

It gives a great chance of career development, personal growth, consistency and inspiration to work.

  • Excellent Customer Experience

When you have enjoy an impact as an employer with a high-value brand, your employees remain engaged and desire to serve the organization in the best possible way. This infuses happiness and loyalty.

Happy employees and workplaces often succeed in providing excellent customer experience which is unforgettable and results in the growth of the organization.

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