Infographics – Visualizing Information

Infographics – Visualizing Information

A human mind thinks in terms of images. Any word you throw at it, it will translate that word into an image and you are able to decipher its meaning in a matter of microseconds. That’s the primary reason that kids’ books are always so colourful, attractive and filled with images. From childhood, our brains are trained to understand information via images.

It would be foolish of us to make an attempt to understand important data only through some words and numbers. It will take us forever to remember such crucial data through mere information. Though, when we make this information more appealing by adding images to it or merely presenting the data as visuals, our brain makes it a point to register this data quickly and accurately.

Those who say that infographics is dead probably don’t see the dire need of presenting statistics through visuals. The data that overwhelms us and makes us anxious can be made easy.

Let us see how infographics can be beneficial for your business

·        Portrays your confidence

A data presented in visuals gives an impression of your confidence.

·        Allows a simple approach

Simplicity makes you more approachable and attractive. Nobody likes anything that is complex. Presenting complex matters simply gain attention and admiration.

·        Adds colour to the monotonous

Extra colour never goes waste. Always Remember! Colours radiate positivity and this helps consumer to pay attention to what you have to offer.

A small guide to make simple and attractive infographics for your website and blogs

·        Identify and serve your Target Audience

It is wiser to know who your target audience. Curating infographics content becomes easier this way. Identify the age-group, ethnicity and other parameters to let your infographics effectively.

·        Adopt simplicity

Simplicity carries authenticity. As said earlier, try conveying your messages simply and see how people flock to you.

·        Do not divert your focus

Once your target audience is defined and message is clear, do not divert your focus to the unnecessary. Anything out of your decided lane is unnecessary.

·        Refrain from using words where images fit

Every word inherently carries an image. If you feel that an image can do better justice, please substitute the word to visuals.

·        Be a miser with length and size

Remember you are switching to visuals to get rid of the length of your data and words. Don’t make the same mistake with the visuals. Keep the length and size well managed so even your audience enjoys what you have to offer.

·        Great Balance

Balance is the key. May that be colours, images or text.

·        A Killer Headline

Grab eyeballs with a catchy and an active headline. Let it be short, sweet and progressive that makes audience read further.

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