It was a refreshing change to switch from shopping on streets and malls to shop online while sitting at home. Online shopping saved time and gave a wide variety to choose from. Easy access and quick availability made it user-friendly. This opened door for businesses to shift online. Over time as the businesses monopolized online platforms, marketing and advertising also witnessed a drastic change.

Previously customers wandered in search of perfect products suiting their convenience. Online businesses on the other hand had to hunt down its possible customers, widely known as “target audience”.

Survey shows that for most of the websites, only 2% of the web traffic convert as customers on the first visit.

Survey shows that for most of the websites, only 2% of the web traffic convert as customers on the first visit.


Re-targeting serves as a reminder for the customers of your products and services after they leave your website without buying. It is an effective tool as it intelligently targets the audience that showed interest in your brand/product/service in the first place. This helps in saving time assuring the companies that they get trustworthy and genuine buyers. It is used as a vital tool to connect with the potential customers persuading them to reconsider your offer when they need it.

It works well as the consumers already showed an interest in your product. Retargeting provides you an opportunity to convince your consumers again about how your product/service is the best and can solve their potential problem. Third party networks like Facebook and Google Display Network Serve Retargeting Ads.

How to collect data for Re-targeting?

Collection of data for re-targeting can be challenging as it isn’t curated from customer queries. The two ways to collect data for re-targeting are pixels and lists.

  • Re-targeting Pixel

A pixel is placed on the website or a post landing page. As the visitor arrives on the page, the pixel drops an anonymous browser cookie in the visitor’s browser. When the visitor moves to other websites, third party networks start showing them your ads. This saves time and money as the visitors who have shown interest by visiting the websites only get to see the ads.

  • Re-targeting Lists

Email addresses of the potential customers/subscribers/visitors are added to the re-targeting platform of choice. They start seeing the ads as they browse through the web.

In the changing scenario of marketing and advertising, re-targeting is a great way to save time and money. It also has a great potential to convert customers who otherwise won’t.

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