Komal Somani

Founder & CEO

A Woman with an armour of Creativity & People engagement, also a spectrum of multiple knowledge domains which led her to a path of breaking norms and found that missing cord to success. The biggest highlight of her professional journey was to get ESDS Software Solutions Pvt Ltd to 15th Rank in Top 25 Asia’s Great Places to Work.

She is an advocator of innovation and loves to get involved even in a minute and meticulous branding task. Komal is a computer science engineer by education and has extensive experience working from human resources to marketing management. She has a broad field of expertise because of her sheer dedication to pursue her passion and challenge the statuesque. Her experience working in different facets of organization equips her managing product, process and people-related issues effortlessly.

Komal has acted as HR head of ESDS software solutions Pvt. Ltd, Where she is credited as women behind fostering innovative mindset at the workplace. She has concretized the concept of employee engagement with innovative human resource practices and at the same time, empowering people to realize their potential. She introduced the culture of diversity and inclusion within the organization, which resulted in creating an open environment and women’s heading different facets of the organization. Her work resulted in ESDS bag the most renowned title for ESDS that in “Great Place to Work 2019” in India’s Great Mid-Size companies continuing its legacy for four consecutive years. During her work at ESDS, Komal also oversaw the marketing team of ESDS and brought about progressive transformational change in the field of corporate communication and integrated marketing communications. Her experience in human resource management garnered her to understand and acquired in-depth science of social behaviour and psychology. Under her leadership, ESDS gained the commendable edge in developing online visibility and optimizing digital strategy essential for the success of the organization. Because of her creative marketing approach, she was awarded as “Creative Catalyst – 2019” at Chief Strategic Officer summit and “Most Innovative Women – 2018” at SHE Leads Summit. Her strong relationship building skills and interpersonal skill enable her to influence people at all levels.

Komal’s innovative HR practices at ESDS made the organization 2nd great place to work, with an amalgam of organizational branding and employee branding. She believes that, if we can create an employment experience, our people value them, which in turn creates an outstanding customer experience for any organization. She believes in entrusting and empowering employees rather than control. Mastering her HR practices, she desires to spread this concept of human resource management across all India’s organizations. This provoking thought got her to begin “Happiness Infuser” with an aim to touch the lives of 1 billion people and instigate the idea of happiness and make India a great country to work for.

Apart from being a pioneer in organization branding, KomalSomani is also renowned graphologist with over 10 years of on-field experience. She is often quoted in her social & Professional circles for her “spot on” analysis. She is an expert in the world of Human Resource and handwriting analysis where she developed exact graphology techniques. She operates online, personality decoding, lover’s compatibility, doodle findings, and signature analysis.

Adding another cause to her life which lives for is highlighting powerful women, which led her to take an initiative to share with the world the wit and wisdom of wonderful women who are successful and contributed extraordinarily to their fields. Komal introduced Sankalpita, A Series presenting women in their prime sharing insights into extraordinary personal struggles for outstanding accomplishments. A show portraying the versatility of women and their exceptional skills to overcome any adversity that comes their way. A conversation from one lioness to another, KomalSomani has created an inspirational platform for all women to share their stories their way. She takes inspiration from the society of feminism and wants to showcase the unsung heroines. Sankalpita carries the torch that exemplifies the true meaning of sacrifice, struggle and glory of women in different phases of life. Women bring a lot of skill, intelligence, tolerance and nurturing in their work and life. In the future, Komal would like to see more and more women brighten this torch and shed bright light in all the dark areas surrounding women. The fire inside her burns more brilliant than the fire around her.

Current pandemic brought about an unheard disruption in everyone’s lives, in this disruptive times, she started “Great Ideas in Action” to accelerate the business growth of 1000+ organization with perfect art of branding and business transformation. Komal believes that the brand’s success depends on how aptly they understand their customers and their behaviourcentred across the product. Influence of culture, trends and tradition across the perception of the product. How people perceive products and their offerings, and what is the significance of marketing mix communications on the consumers. Her work as the brand architect for ‘Resvera’ Jamun fruit wine which focuses on the culture of nature and health, surprises customers with a unique offering. She believes in disruptive ideas and concepts which make customers feel amazed to engage—making people think emotionally and bond with the product. With the continuously evolving consumer trends product needs to have constant and engagement with their customers.

Komal has several accolades in her kitty like “Most Innovative Women – 2018” at SHE leads Summit, “Dream Companies to Work for 2017” in her leadership, she was even felicitated as The 50 Most HR Innovative Tech Leader and presented as Woman Super Achiever Award at World HRD Congress which have elevated her into India’s HR Wall of Fame and List goes on to 25 Most Innovative HR Technology Leaders – 2017 by Asia Pacific HRM Congress, Maharashtra NariRatna Award 2017, Best Employer brand in Nashik – 2017, Nashik Best HR Leaders Award – 2017 and for sure few accolades are on the way. This is indisputable that the bar is going to rise up till she gets into the best of best.

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