Lead Generation

You have hired an expert who has promised to get you better rankings and an online presence, and they have. You’re watching your site visits racking up, and it feels pretty good.

But if down the line, your new visitors are remaining just visitors and not paying clients, has your investment delivered any real value? Too often digital marketing is based on superficial objectives, and the cost does not justify the return.

Leads and Results is what you need to see. Our Gurus at Great Ideas in Action are interested in strategies, genuine customer interest and generating leads that become your very own money tree.

Every business is different and a typical approach just doesn’t get the job done. We dig deep into the needs, wants and habits of your target market to apply strategies that work for your business. That means research and identifying the right marketing channels. A lead generation strategy is pointless if you can’t measure it. Efficient lead tracking is important to us, to monitor where your leads come from over an extended period and trace the way they navigate. Our experts can suggest improvement and provide strategies accordingly. We focus on bringing not just more traffic to your page, but more traffic that converts into sales.

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