Moses David

Chief Brand officer

Moses believes in driving stronger engagement and opening up lines of communication with current and potential employees through managing & helping launch Human Resources strategic programs and initiatives that drives a culture of excellence.

Also to promote a positive organizational culture and primarily responsible for the creation and execution of internal employee engagement and Human Resources communication campaigns. Collaborating with marketing and employees throughout the organization to drive employee awareness and engagement by creating initiatives that promote the key objectives of the organization.

Moses is an outspoken copywriter, concept designer and marketing strategist holding comprehensive experience developing brands. His accomplishments working with diverse businesses to identify and articulate their core values and unique business strength is unparalleled. He lives working along with other industries and using his expertise to deliver standout solutions.

Moses’ Style of working has always been a blend of creativity, innovation, and a twist of fun. He understands the professionals around and that’s how he designs the engagement pursuits for absolute influence on mind and soul.

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