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Why fit in when you were born to stand out, Rise above cyclical trends and avoid hopping on
and let Great Ideas in Action make you “Stand Out.”

Building a brand that stands out and creates a positive sentiment among your target audience with our Brand
Heart Workbook, We help you identify your organizations purpose, vision, mission & values to build brand
with a strong foundationBranding helps create awareness, reputation and prominence in the marketplace it
lets your great ideas become reality. The brand has different dimensions that help create a bond with your
customers and helps reinforce product promise. An ideal approach to fabricate and sustain your compelling
great idea is through a multidisciplinary approach. We help you build standout brand with right

Brand Persona:

We help you identify your audiences to understand how your brand can speak to their unique needs.

Brand Messaging:

We articulate your value preposition, taglines, and messaging pillars to help content creators tell a
consistent brand story

Brand Voice:

Identify your brand voice to humanize your brand and communicate consistently through all content

Visual Identity Checklist:

Design and effective and comprehensive visual identity that communicates who you are

Competitive Analysis:

Identify who you’re competing against so that you can better differentiate your brand
Digital Marketing

People are the most effective marketing channel of your brand, and Digital is where people are,
Out digitally with Great ideas in Action.

Our data-powered insights and growth-centric strategies are designed to expand your customer lifetime
and increase revenue in the long run.Social media marketing facilitates outspoken client engagement and
helps shape meaningful relations with your great ideas. It allows brands to build significant, lasting
with community to support branding objectives. Social media marketing enables you to generate valuable
leads, improve sales conversion and provide elite customer engagement.Great Ideas in Action build
engaging content for your social media platforms, listen and engage you’re your community, analyze
and build meaningful digital assets and advertisements.

Content & Engagement Marketing

The Essence of Sustainable Growth is creating relevant, valuable and consistent content to retain
defined target audience

Media Planning & Analytics

Growing in an Omni-channel world planning and executing right channel strategy is essential

Experience Design

Design-driven for your Growth with focus on the quality and business relevant solutions

Digital Transformation

Grow with the changing demands, right technology solutions to meet changing market and business
Lead Ignition

Quality of business leads you to generate are bound to impact your bottom-line, Generate Stand out
Business leads to excel your business exponentially.

You have hired an expert who has promised to get you better rankings and an online presence,
and they have.
You’re watching your site visits racking up, and it feels pretty good.
But if down the line, your new visitors are remaining just visitors and not paying clients, has your
delivered any real value? Too often digital marketing is based on superficial objectives, and the cost does
justify the return.

Lead Guru:

Leads and Results are what you need to see. Our Gurus at Great Ideas in Action are interested in strategies,
genuine customer interest, and generating leads that become your very own money tree.


Every business is different and a typical approach just doesn’t get the job done. We dig deep into the
needs, wants, and habits of your target market to apply strategies that work for your business. That means
research and identifying the right marketing channels. A lead generation strategy is pointless if you can’t
measure it.


Efficient lead tracking is important to us, to monitor where your leads come from over an extended period
and trace the way they navigate. Our experts can suggest improvements and provide strategies accordingly. We
focus on bringing not just more traffic to your page, but more traffic that converts into sales.
Web Development

Customers judgment about companies credibility are 75% dependent on the company’s website design,
a Stand Out Website design to keep your customers yours

At Great Ideas in Action, we are at a vanguard in web development. With a team of proactive
specialist who think
out of the box and provide above par services every time. We use the latest technology platforms and
applications for efficient designing and development

Not an Overnight Miracle:

Developing a website can be a complex process, and to ensure that the right components are integrated,
you’ll need expert web development services. Great Ideas in Actions possesses the programming and design
skills to provide your brand with a professional platform that will attract visitors, load at high speeds,
and include a technical structure to support search engine optimization campaigns.

Dynamic & Versatile:

We create websites that are dynamic, user-friendly, and user appealing. We keep the client and the brand in
mind to make the customer’s dream a reality. Every website is a silent promotional tool for you to show the
world your presence and grow. We develop websites of all kinds on all platforms in advanced and high-end
versions. The website helps in shaping your identity as it introduces your company/brand to the world.

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