Content and Copy Writing – Two Sides of the Same Coin.

Content and Copy Writing – Two Sides of the Same Coin.

Content and Copy Writing – Two Sides of the Same Coin.

Thoughts and ideas are best conveyed through words either verbal or written. To convey ideas correctly, right words need to be used. The importance of the basic philosophy of using right words imbibed in us since childhood is well understood when we grow up. And for people working as professional writers, the importance of words is unparalleled.

But this basic understanding becomes lopsided when one gets caught in the debate between content writing and copywriting. For the world, a singer sings, an actor acts, an engineer builds, a designer designs, and a writer writes. For the outside world, it is easy to comprehend and hence undebatable. But the market perceives and targets specifically. The market wants to know from the writer, what they write, what they don’t, what’s their specialization, and so on. Is their art for art’s sake or does that sell?

These specifications start marking clear demarcations of where you stand in the world of words. Do you write copy or do you write content?

This can be overwhelming for all the newbie writers who want to work in the already established market.

To make things easier –

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is advertorial. It is written content conveyed through social media or print media about products or services. Copy is meant to persuade a group of people to buy a product or service. Primarily its purpose is to market and generate sales.

What is Content Writing?

Content writing on the other hand focuses on information meant for educating or entertaining people. 

Some term content writing as editorials too. Content writing usually includes blogs, articles, press releases, interviews. Anything that serves the purpose of broadcasting information to the end audience comes under content marketing.

Though Content Writing and Copywriting are two sides of the same coin, they are different in some ways.

Key Differences between Copywriting and Content Writing

  1. Difference in Purpose

As mentioned before, the difference lies in the purpose of copywriting and content writing. Copywriting is meant to sell whereas content writing is meant to inform.

  1. Difference in length

Copywriters write short-form content for ads, email campaigns, social media, television or radio commercials, jingle lyrics, video scripts and so on. Content writers write long-form content for blogs, newspapers, magazines, books, press releases, and so on.

  1. Difference in Strategy

Content writing drive organic traffic. Copywriting turns traffic into leads.

  1. Difference in focus

Content writing focuses on SEO, copywriting doesn’t.

Same soul, different faces

Traditionally, writers had immense freedom to choose their style – copywriting or content writing. But as the global and digital market has grown leaps and bounds, natural questions like “What next?” and “So what?” arise.

Consumers have become intelligent and do not flinch to ask the most pressing questions. If you write a great copy, the consumers want to know more about what you’re selling. Here the content written as blogs or information helps. If you write great content, the consumers are interested to see how that information or entertainment materializes as a product or service.

The biggest catch in today’s market is to sell with substance. The skills of writing copy and content are desired equally.

Janhavi Bhat

Janhavi Bhat

Janhavi can be usually found reading or writing a book with a cup of coffee in her balcony. A poet, author and a copywriter she brings her best in the world of words.

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