Chat bots the future of marketing

Chat bots the future of marketing

Chatbot – also known as “conversational agent” is a software stimulating human-like conversations with users via text-messages. This AI software is programmed in such a way that it automatically engages with received messages.

Chatbots, as guessed correctly controls all the chat mediums – SMS texts, website chat windows and social messaging services across popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Some chatbots are fun and goofy while some of them are used predominantly used for business purposes.

Automating various business processes is the biggest necessity in today’s era. One may assume that chatbots are only meant for large businesses. On the contrary, chatbots are super beneficial for small businesses. Customers like to invest in services and products where interaction is a must. Customers like their queries addressed on time. Businesses that offer them such pleasant experiences often become the first choice of customers.

Think twice if you feel that chatbots are not useful for small businesses. In fact, if you are short of staff and there’s no one to take care of the customer service department, chatbots are a great substitute. When customers realize that they are dealing with someone who cares enough about their experience, they often stick around.

As we have known about Chatbots, let us see how they have the ability to transform the small businesses.

Save Money

Chatbot often works as a great substitute for an extra hand at the organization. If yours is a small setup with a limited budget, you may as well switch to chatbots, saving the money which otherwise you may invest in an employee.

Relevant and Easy access

Being a conversational agent, chatbots have the ability to influence the biggest and popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter thus making it relevant and easier to access.

Saves Time

Chatbot saves everyone’s time. Being a small business, you might as well invest the hours (you need to deal with the customers) in something that yields great results. The customers are equally happy as they receive the desired response in a matter of seconds.

Understand Customer Behavior

If you are new into business and wish to know what exactly the customers expect, chatbots is a great experiment. Customers’ response, their queries often provide a sneak-peek into their interests and demands. This can eventually help to build your products and services as per the demand. It helps you analyze your present situation and plan the future steps accordingly.

Lend your Company a Face

With Chatbot, customers assume that they are talking to someone from your organization without realizing that it is simply an AI based program. It indirectly benefits your organization by giving an impression that there are people who handle your tasks.

Increase Sales

When the right information reaches the potential customer at the right time, it helps in generating sales. The reason behind this is prompt responses and a better customer experience.

Search for information

With a complex offering of products and services, it is a challenge to go through the complete website and conduct an arduous search. Bots do it efficiently than humans.

If you are a small business willing to enhance your customer experience, we hold the key to all your doors! Join us and make your business boom! 

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