Logo – Your Brand’s First Identity

Logo – Your Brand’s First Identity

When we talk about products, services, small businesses, and large businesses we often get caught up in the tiny details of identity, perception, location, market reception, etc. Many times, when we are starting off and our focus remains on our offerings, we neglect the essentials of being a brand. Time often serves as a constraint to give attention to such minor yet significant details.

Confusion is obvious when it comes to defining a brand and its entities. People assume brand elements as the brand. But in truest sense, a brand is merely a perception or experience that the audience carries of your product or service. Subjectively, it is more than the identification or the icon that your business carries on its corporate transactions and communications. People might identify you with these several elements but the experience remains predominant. The major challenge is to harness the ability to rightly capture this essence of experience in all the elements.

To start off with brand elements and identities, we shall discuss about logo in this blog.

What is a Logo?

Logo is the first thing an audience notices about your business – big or small. It is a crucial opportunity for you to make an impression on the minds of your audience. Logo is imprinted everywhere- from your business cards, products to your websites and social media. With time it also rules the minds of your client. The first source of interaction is the logo. A time comes when people identify your product or service instantly through your logo.

A logo creates a visual symbol – a combination of text and imagery that carry the name of your business and represent your vision. It is the biggest portion of your brand identity.

Make the Logo Unique, Memorable, and Simple

A logo that is unique, clear, simple, and carries the perfect vision of the brand becomes memorable. A logo that has the ability to make the business stand out from the other competitors fosters brand loyalty.

For example – Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Coca Cola, etc are easily recognized by their logos.

A good logo carries the core values, mission, vision, purpose of the brand with it. The design holds a great meaning within it. Your audience will not necessarily talk about your logo, but they’ll definitely pass ahead your vision, core values and mission through their experience.

A designer and creative director might have an eye for the details of the logo design. A good design doesn’t only look good on paper but carries something deeper in it which probably a designer will be able to elaborate on.

The audience, as stated earlier is interested in the experience that you have to offer as a brand.

Why does your Business need a Logo?

As we understood above, clients are more interested in the experience and not in the logo. Now you may wonder, in a case like why would your business need a logo.

A logo displays professionalism and builds credibility. It is a great tool used for brand recall. When people come across your logo, they first start identifying your business with it, then they start recognizing it. This identification does lead to experience. Logo create strong symbolic associations with your customers. Human brain often remembers things as pictures. Logo is a great way to imprint your business in the minds of your clients thus creating positive associations. After constant business marketing, your logo starts communicating with your potential clients thus empowering your business.

How to Create a Great Logo Design?

For small businesses who still haven’t been able to establish a sound customer base, it is essential that they create a clear, simple, and a meaningful logo. When a message is simply delivered, establishing an emotional connect it impresses the customers easily.

Three elements essential for a great logo design are –

·        Great Typography – communicates tone of voice and personality

·        Simple Colours – triggers emotions and delivers meaning.

·        Strong Visual Component/ Imagery – adds interest and makes a logo memorable.

As we get to know about logos and their importance, it is vital for small businesses to build their strong visual foundation so that people identify, recognize, and collaborate with them.

Reach out to us and make your businesses recognizable!

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