Majority of the well-known brands offer good products and services. Few of them manage to head upwards and create a loyal fan-base among the consumers, like Google, Apple, Nike, Starbucks, Amazon, Dominos, Disney, etc. These brands, unlike others sit on a throne where consumers defend, admire, appreciate, and also promote them. The enduring success and relevance of brands for a long time attributes to the fact that they are admired.
Admired brands are those that consumers love, appreciate, and respect. Whenever they have to buy a specific product, they are bound to search your brand’s product category before looking for other options. If needed, they’ll pay extra and not think of shipping charges if their favourite brand is arriving at their doorstep. The major reason for this trust is the consumers feel personally connected to your brand. For your brand to be admired, it is essential for you to show them your care. Be relevant to the needs of the people and they’ll flock at your place. In return, they’ll stay loyal, appreciate you, promote you, and also forgive you.

What Brand Admiration can do for Your Company?

  • Consumer loyalty means greater revenue.
  • Scale and cost savings lead to lower costs.
  • Consumer interest leads to robust growth.
  • Consumer forgiveness from mishaps.
  • Fewer strong competitors as it becomes hard for other companies to compete.
  • Better alliance opportunities as other companies will be more motivated to work with you.

What Brand Admiration can do for Your Company?

To make your brand admired, enhance consumers’ happiness by delivering three types of benefits:
  • Enabling Benefits: Benefits that provide solutions to consumers’ problems in the resources (time, money, space) available.

         Example: Geico has given the best marketing strategy in car insurance.

  • Enticing Benefits: Benefits that entice the consumers through sensory experiences.

         Example: Disney has managed to deliver this expectation through their heartwarming stories.

  • Enriching Benefits: Benefits that enrich the experience, values and beliefs of consumers through support and trust.
         Example: JanSport supports mental health via many campaigns.
Now, as you know how admired brands have an edge over other brands and a tremendous loyal fan base among its consumers, make your brand admired with our customized brand strategies specifically designed for your requirements.
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