How to increase Brand Recognition!

Brand. It’s a word that is used around a lot but how can you quantify it or measure its impact?

Brand is the persona of a business, whether the business is a consumer good or a professional service. The emotion, imagery, and associations a person connects with that company have generally been well thought out and planned by a team of experts.

When you buy instant noodles, do you ask for noodles or Maggie? When you want to buy butter, do you ask for just butter or Amul butter?

These brands have become so popular they’ve replaced the generic terms for similar products. This is what brand recognition can do for you.

Brand recognition doesn’t happen overnight. It also doesn’t happen from a simple advertisement or marketing campaign.

Strong brand awareness is a result of multiple simultaneous efforts that extend beyond trying to get paying customers.

If you expect to raise awareness of your brand by running a few product advertisements on Facebook or Instagram you won’t get very far. Not only will the consumer be focused on the product (not the brand), but the ad will also lack impact beyond a simple sale.

When you get to know a new person, what would you like to know more to take it a step further? You would pay attention to how they speak, what they like to talk about, and what stuff gets them excited.

These are the traits your brand should determine and promote about itself. To leave an impact, you’ve got to define yourself as more than a company that sells stuff. What do you want your customers to know about you? How do you want them to feel? and What is the message of your brand that you would like to convey? How would you define your Brand?

You need to interact with your audience, ask questions, and comment on posts. Treat your social accounts as if you’re trying to make friends not a business trying to make money.

While promoting your business on the Internet, you want your brand to stand out from the crowd. The ultimate marketing goal is to have your target audience think of you, and your company, when they think of a purchase/product

Here are 8 ways you make your brand stand-out on the internet

Great customer service

Today’s customers need and want exceptional service after the sale. When making an Internet purchase, customer service can often become a major factor in the final buying decision.

Business story and “Stay Trendy”

Your clients and customer, on or off the internet want to know and trust you. Your audience needs to accept you as the person behind the brand. Your story could help your audience connect with you better and build trust.

 “Out of sight and out of mind.” Here’s a fact of the Internet. If you are not consistently reminding your audience that you are actively doing business, they will forget about you.

Exceeding Expectations.

Providing value to your audience is important to better brand recognition and becoming the well-respected “go-to” person in your field. Are you offering anything else, other than your services?

Newsletter or Email.

I’ll say it again, “Out of sight, out of mind.” If you aren’t regularly staying in touch with your customers and/or target market, you’re going to lose business.


Write blogs that inform, entertain, and educates. The key to a successful blog is consistency. You develop a loyal following by regularly providing blog posts that offer quality information and ongoing value to your audience

Host a Facebook Group/Live or IGTV

Another free marketing resource for your current Internet audience is inviting them to participate in a Facebook Group/Live or IGTV. In your Facebook Group/Live & IGTV, participants can share tips, ask questions, and network with one another. The benefit to you is that you can stay in touch with your target audience in “real-time.”

Use the same Logo Everywhere

This tip seems obvious but is overlooked. Be consistent in branding. Use the same photo or logo on your blog, e-signature, newsletter banner, and all other forms of Internet communication. It’s one additional way to be recognized


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